House Church Talk - Re: House Church Talk Digest, Vol 3, Issue 228

Debbie K DebbieK_ at
Sun Aug 1 16:39:08 EDT 2004

Hello all,
I believe it was Jim Sutton who asked me what besides the grace of God
delivered me from the Watchtower Tract & Bible Society better known as
Jehovah's Witnesses.  
Basically I started attending their meetings when I was young (7years
old) and I took everything they taught hook line and sinker.  As I got
older though  (14) began to question things that didn't add up.
It wasn't a short process, but I finally saw the futility of trying to
please God by my own works, started getting asked questions by born
again co-workers in a factory that I couldn't answer to my own liking.
People started praying for me, and I went out for coffee after work with
a few different Christians, attended a few home Bible studies on
Thursday nights with someone else, had my faith shaken when the elders
of my church couldn't answer questions for someone who they were
conducting their first few Bibles studies with in my presence,and I left
the group cold turkey with out having a clear handle on anything except
knowing that Jesus IS NOT "Michael the Archangel" as the JW's teach, and
that I know longer wanted anything to do with their religion.  That is
the short version,  :)
   BTW, I have friends who were involved with the CoC and they had
someone go through their kitchen cupboaords telling them they couldn't
eat Marshmallows and other items, because they had by-products of pork
in them.  It is good to be set free isn't it? !!! 
Blessings to all through Jesus,
Love Debbie~

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