House Church Talk - asleep in church?

Adamkwyhmed at Adamkwyhmed at
Mon Aug 2 02:39:20 EDT 2004

Good posting.  It would be nice to see churches dependent upon the  
convicting power of the Holy Spirit that leads to repentance, instead of the  rythemic 
power of music.  I remember stories that were told of how people,  under the 
anointing, with no music, would just speak the Bible and people would  be 
convicted.  Notice I said convicted, not guilt ridden.  One is by  the working of 
the Holy Spirit, (conviction), the other is by the working of  manipulation, 
(guilt ridden).  In effect one causes a person to run toward  Jesus for help and 
hope, and the other causes a person to run away from Jesus  out of a sense of 
hopelessness.  In effect one form of salvation is  based upon a gift of and 
from G-d, (Grace), while the other form of  salvation is a sa;vatopm based upon 
works.  Aren't you glad that the  scripture states: "For by grace are you 
saved through faith, and that not of  yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of 
works, lest any man should boast."
Adam K Waggoner

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