House Church Talk - God created us . . .

Phillip Cohen spiritfilledhome at
Wed Aug 4 09:09:28 EDT 2004

God Morning,

My wife and I have been spending an hour or so each day for the past
several days developing a business plan for our cabinet shop. Here is
part of the spiritual side of the vision:

God created us to be like Him. That is, He created us to use our
strength, mind, and creativity to move us toward high goals that
ultimately depend upon supernatural intervention for the final touch. 
Humanity’s primary vocational purpose is to bring growth and increase on
every side, and to serve God and one another with this increase.
God gave us His best—Jesus—to make our lives better, both now and
forever. He desires for us to give all that we have, so that we—as little
Christs—can also make our world better. In this, we find our highest
—Phillip Cohen

spiritfilledhome at
In quietness and confidence is my strength. Isaiah 30:15

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