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My comments inline below...

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> I have lots of issues with this, but I wondered what your 
> thoughts are. 
> JC
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> Covenant for Simple Church Overseers in New Heart Community
> Expectations for those who wish to serve as Overseers:

Whose expectations?  That is major problem #1.

> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to teach, model, live and 
> uphold the Mission, Vision and Values of New Heart Community.

I'd rather adhere to something a little more 'established'. Can anyone say 'scripture' and 'Holy Spirit'? to be fair, I know nothing of their 'mission', 'vision', or 'values'.

> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to serve in the role of 
> Elders for New Heart Community.

What is an overseer if not an elder?  Sounds like the assigning of titles of office going on here.

> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to model – or at least be 
> moving towards – the qualifications listed for overseers in 1 
> Timothy 3:1-7.

Huh? this seems out of line.

> Ÿ        Overseers are encouraged to give the first 10% 
> (tithe) of their income to Kingdom work, and to encourage the 
> people they oversee to do the same.  Additionally, it is 
> expected that some percentage of your tithe will be given to 
> the ministry of New Heart Community on a monthly basis, for 
> as long as you serve in the role of Overseer.

Ah, the money factor!  how lovely. Let's dredge up an old covenant standard and bind it on people today. Are we giving to New Covenant Levites who hold no property and no occupation other than serving in a temple?  I've found that paying my bills is Kingdom work, so I wonder if they'll send some money to me to help with my bills? I've got tons of credit card debt!

> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to participate in the monthly 
> “Overseer Gathering.”
> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to meet individually with Tim 
> & Jeanine Pynes on a regular basis (how often is up to you), 
> as well as keep them informed of the state of their simple church.

Simple Church?  It looks like complication is firmly entrenched.  Who are the Pynes, and what is their notion of 'Simple Church'?  If this is it, I'd suggest simply looking elsewhere.

> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to participate in, and help 
> facilitate, the monthly “Family Reunion.”
> Ÿ        Overseers are expected to adhere to the guidelines 
> for processing monthly monies collected as an offering for 
> the ministry of New Heart Community. 

I've never heard of these folks, their group or anything. But frankly, this looks a bit tilted toward the world's way of doing things.  Nothing worth breaking fellowship over in this letter, but lots of things to be cautious about. Where is the Holy Spirit? Where is scripture? Where is the love?

I read lots of expectations that sound very human. Lots of plans and structure that are driving the system, rather than flowing from hearts in tune with a common Father.

What else does anyone know about this group?

Scott Dowlen

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