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Scott Dowlen scottdowlen at
Thu Aug 5 00:35:09 EDT 2004

In 2002, Tim Pynes (with wife Jeanine) were part of Pathways Church, a good little 'Purpose Driven'-looking IC. You've got to audition to be on the 'praise team' don't you know!
Here, Tim on a mission to Asia, listed as a Teaching Pastor with Pathways Church (PC)
His older brother says he is also a singer:  (cool)
Wife Jeanine is listed as being part of the Baptist General Convention, and on the 'Church Multiplication Team'
Here is the Pathways Church announcement about their 'house church plant' -- New Heart Community:
It is just an offshoot of an IC....
Another announcement about the housechurch network by PC
This explains the bent toward tithing, etc. Also shows how HCs and HC networks are seen as tools of ICs to reach folks who don't want to be 'churched'....   Maybe this is a good thing if they ever get a taste of real body life, nobody might want to go back to being IC-churched.  But as for the New Heart Community covenant thingy for Overseers, now we know a bit more about where they are coming from.
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