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First of all, thank you for the kind greeting on HCTalk.  Yes, West Texas takes
in quite a bit of real estate!

We are staying sometimes with Elaine's mom (just west of Colorado City), and 
sometimes with her sister (in Big Spring).  I'd enjoy meeting you sometime while
we are still in West test us.. I mean West Texas...  I trust you do not drink 
the tap water there!  Are you in the 'Tall city" or Odessa?  We have a great 
aunt & uncle that live in Odessa.  Elaine & I briefly lived in Odessa  (81-82).

To me, some sort of 'hc network covenant' should go like this:

"I covenant with Christ Jesus, my Lord; and His body to be available to both go
"where" He sends and receive "whomever" He sends through the sovereign work of 
the Holy Spirit on behalf of, and in order to build up His body."  

This is the deep desire of our family!

G_d bless,

p.s.  Hey David A....  yesterday I went online to check where the nearest UPS
      drop off location was.  The web site asked me to enter some information.
      I put in Roscoe, Tx. 79545....  The search results not only showed me 
      where the nearest location was.... but gave directions from Elaine's 
      mothers house (South of Champion) 12 miles away from Roscoe.... spooky
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