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> We have had experience with similar groups.  One group I know of 
> requires every member to give 100% of their pay check to the 
> "pastor."  He will then divide as he sees fit.  Funny thing, he does 
> not work himself.  They also make all of the children live in one 
> household and the parents visit them as he sees fit.   

We lived in similar circumstances for 20 years. We had to give a
financial statement to the deacon each year. Then he could pressure us
into lending or giving money to other church members. The church leaders
monitored what and how many possessions we could own. We had to get
permission from the leaders before we could purchase a car or many other
possessions. For "major" purchases, such as a tractor, or if we wanted to
enter a business like raising rabbits, we had to get a 75% majority vote
from the whole church.

We had to get permission from the church leaders to visit anywhere,
including our parents, unless they belonged to our church. They would
tell us if we were going shopping too often. 

They have very strict dress codes, such as requiring us to wear long
sleeved, dark, solid colored shirts, and black tie shoes. The women had
to wear long, layered dresses and large headcoverings that covered
practically every hair on their heads.

Of course, we didn't have musical instruments, computers, or tape
players. Magazines and newspapers were taboo. We were told what books we
were allowed to read. 

We were required to have daily personal and family Bible reading and
prayer. Families who didn't maintain this could be excommunicated. 

Yes, the Bible was woven into everything they believed and practiced.

This church believes they have more authority than the parents in the
home. If a husband wants to move to a community where there isn't a
church they approve, they will split the marriage, or the children from
the parents.

When we left the church 4 years ago, they aggressively tried to split my
wife and 9 children from me. I had nothing to prevent it but a cry to God
for mercy. I was so messed up emotionally already, and I was afraid God
was on their side, although I knew I had to get out of there. My family
didn't know who to believe. When my wife and children saw me crying out
to God, and the church people trying to destroy me, they decided to stay
with me.

I could tell you volumes more. I'm on the verge of crying . . .

Thank God for the price Jesus paid for my freedom, and the Holy Spirit's
work in my heart.

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