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On Thu, 05 Aug 2004 14:31:20 -0700 Glenn Frank <glennfrank at>

"What things would you suggest to 
> people as
> 'red flags' to be aware of if they join a new group?

Hi Glenn,

1. In order to make it anywhere, each of us needs a relationship with God
that's stronger than our relationship with people. Our identity and
security needs to be in Christ.

2. When I run into difficulty now, I'll often spend long hours in prayer,
worship (very important), and megadosing the Word. It doesn't matter
where you read, just so you read. 

During that time, I was reading 10 +/- chapters per day in the Bible. I
didn't use commentaries or outlines, I just read. I didn't try to study
all those chapters, I just absorbed. That really cleans out all the
strange doctrines, fear of man, and carnality inside. You start actually
seeing God as a person Who's involved in your everyday life. And He uses
those verses to give insight in daily situations.

3. Doctrinal differences aren't as important as relationship problems.
I'd rather belong to a church where we differ doctrinally than where
people don't get along. That is, as long as the doctrinal differences
could be sincerely interpreted either way.

4. My wife and I will listen to the way the people pray and sing. That
says a lot about how real God is to them.

5. I have a saying, "If your Christianity doesn't work in the family and
in the marketplace, it doesn't work, because that's where real life takes
place. I wouldn't want to be part of a fellowship whose Christianity
doesn't work in everyday life.

6. If you start hearing about a lot of turnover in a group, keep your ear
to the ground and listen. Are all the people who left over several years
saying the same things about why they left? Many times the group they
left will find plenty of fault with those who left so they can justify
not listening to their concerns.

I'm sure there's a lot more . . . 

Thanks for asking. It did good for me to air my brain.

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In quietness and confidence is my strength. Isaiah 30:15

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