House Church Talk - How we should live

jim sutton goodword at
Fri Aug 6 07:40:50 EDT 2004

Phillip Cohen wrote:
> Dear Saints,
> When it's time to step off life's edge and into eternity, all that will
> matter is whether it is well between the real me and the real God. The
> deepest enjoyment of life and relationships comes when we deliberately
> gaze upon all of life from eternity's edge. 
> Love,
> Phillip

Amen to that, Bro. Phil.  Thank you for saying it.

Even as believers, as followers of Jesus, we do not begin to comprehend the 
full measure of eternity.  But we need to give it more thought, and we would 
do well to talk about it more among those who have no hope in Christ at all.

Obviously, madison ave is not going to point people to the reality of death 
and the demands of eternity.  If they can't profit by it, then you're on your 

I recently posted a gospel message called "into eternity" to a handful of 
usenet (so-called Christian) groups.  You can see the message on my website ( ), or do a search on the title at Google groups 

I say that because I'd like to invite anyone who desires to share the gospel 
and God's Word to also post, from time to time, on those usenet groups. 
Believe it or not, many true seekers wander into such places, hoping for some 
spiritual insight and help, some clue as to what life is really about.  Not 
the best place to look, I agree, but they do so.

But beware.  Usenet is like any city street, and sometimes it is a lot like 
Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where not only thugs and every kind of sin are 
found, but also many false teachers abound.  If you speak up for the Lord 
Jesus, you will be attacked.  So be sure the Lord is calling you to raise your 

As you say, Phil, eternity looms large before us.  We will enter fully into it 
from this life, but never depart again.  So what we do now truly matters, and 
how we ready ourselves.  I'm sure we all want to be with the Lord there, and 
in His great Light.

I for one have never been able to ready myself enough for eternity, or make 
sure of my own goodness.  So I'm depending completely on the grace of God in 
Jesus Christ my Lord.  All my hope and confidence are in Him alone.


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