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Fri Aug 6 09:43:47 EDT 2004

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> I for one have never been able to ready myself enough for eternity, 

> Jim

I was so blessed several months ago when I slowly read and studied the
gospel of Mat thew (along with a New Testament Survey class I was in).

The word "kingdom" is mentioned 54 times. Mat thew is the gospel of the
Kingdom. Read it slowly and deeply to understand how to live in the
Kingdom now. Then the transition into eternity won't feel like a big
bump, but a sweet, silent passage from one glory to a greater glory.

Many people divide God's Kingdom over differences of Bible
interpretation. How this grieves God. Bottom line: it's not about IC or
HC. It's about the human heart's self-righteous blindness!

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In quietness and confidence is my strength. Isaiah 30:15

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