House Church Talk - culting

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Fri Aug 6 12:39:57 EDT 2004

Some comments and answers:

The Florida five were:  Don Basham, Derek Prince, Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford, Simpson.  This explains it a bit.  False teachers and false prophets are multiplying both in number and cunning.  Then we have the "don't judge" teaching to prevent shining a light on their dark ways.  It is not like there is a university course for aspiring cult leaders; but they all follow a similiar pattern.  The more I studied cults, the more I saw some of the tactics of the "hard" cults practiced in so-called "healthy, well-balanced, biblically sound" churches and ministries.  I see the only antidote is the active particpation of every member of the body and the freedom and encouragement for each to use their gifts and share their thoughts.  

Even in house churches and lists like this, there is the strong natural desire to be liked and accepted, to not offend anyone, to let someone else be the one to say what a lot of people are thinking.  

To people here who have been in cults and abusive groups:  Don't you wish someone had warned you?  How do you feel about people who saw what was happening and didn't say anything?  As we stand fast in the freedom where Messiah has made us free, there are many out there seeking to find some methodology to subject us to a yoke of bondage.  

Watch out for the yokes!

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