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Sounds like a "revival" I was sucked into in Missouri.  The pastor ( who
owned everything and had the accounts in a ministry name he controlled)
decided to up and move to Kansas City after one parishoner gave 50,000 for a
new building.  Many in the church followed him.  People have forsaken
family, jobs, retirement savings, & homes for this man.  If there Christian
family members question them they "shun" the family members.  The members
are required to be at ALL revival meetings and meetings are were held 6
nights a week at the time I was there.  If you wanted "time with your
family" you were told to bring them to church.  If you were going on
vacation you had to ask the pastoral staff.  You had to ask permission for
almost everything.  I was told when I applied for membership "you will be
closely watched to see if your sincere".
It's all very sad and it's called "revival"?

I know of a "messianic house church" in my area that also lived in one house
and gave all of there money to the pastor.  When I started questioning
things and talking to "family members" about spiritual abuse they suddenly
moved to Florida.

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> We have had experience with similar groups.  One group I know of requires
every member to give 100% of their pay check to the "pastor."  He will then
divide as he sees fit.  Funny thing, he does not work himself.  They also
make all of the children live in one household and the parents visit them as
he sees fit.
> This group is moving from Tennessee to Missouri. If you are in the area,
beware.  This "Pastor" is very dynamic and persuasive.  He says Jesus is the
head of the church and he and his wife act as the neck.
> How people fall for this, I have no idea.  However, I know of 4 or 5
families who have followed this man through 3 cross country moves in the
last 5 years.  The "Pastor" goes and scouts a location where they can all
live in the general area and then they move in mass.   They have left a wave
of destruction and heartache everywhere they have gone.
> I will tell you the "pastor" goes by the name of DUKE.
> RJ
> -- "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at> wrote:
> > Covenant for Simple Church Overseers in New Heart Community
> Well, it looks like the Florida five moved to Denver.  Ah, a new market to
exploit.  One grassroots movement + imposed hierarchal business management
structure = well manicured and landscaped lawns behind tall fences.  This is
far more sinister than IC leadership structure.  As I mentioned previously
about the hc situation, When she was good she was very, very good, and when
she was bad, she was horrid."
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