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I have been sending the observations posted on this list to John White because he originally sent out the Covenant HC overseers.  Here is his response.  I think this was written in response to a comment from Claire.  Maybe he should joing the conversation (my intent when sending this to him)

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I'm not sure who you are since there is no name attached to this email.

You apparently feel that the Covenant for Simple Church Overseers does not square with your understanding of Biblical values.  This is certainly a reasonable topic for discussion.  However, have some observations about the way you are raising the issues.

1.  Seems to me that Jesus' model was that if you have a problem with someone, you would go to them privately first with a desire to 'win your brother'.  

2.  Your criticism are extremely harsh and sarcastic.  "A new market to exploit...imposed hierarchal business management structure...far more sinister...horrid...cult"  This type of language doesn't sound like Jesus at all and certainly doesn't invited dialogue.  Is this the way that mature, responsible Christians treat each other?  

3.  You were not seeking any more information.  You didn't ask any questions.  Are you quite sure you understand this particular network well enough to publically brand it a "cult"?  Are you quite sure that you know Tim Pynes and myself well enough to imply that we are "cult" leaders?  

John White

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> Covenant for Simple Church Overseers in New Heart Community

Well, it looks like the Florida five moved to Denver.  Ah, a new market to
exploit.  One grassroots movement + imposed hierarchal business management
structure = well manicured and landscaped lawns behind tall fences.  This is
far more sinister than IC leadership structure.  As I mentioned previously
about the hc situation, When she was good she was very, very good, and when
she was bad, she was horrid."


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