House Church Talk - spiritual abuse

Rick Johnson rebelfire at
Sun Aug 8 21:13:13 EDT 2004

I hate to simplify things but I believe the major reason these wolves can
ravage the flock is because the flock is as dumb as rock when it comes to
spiritual issues.

A simple twist of scripture and the flock goes, "BBBaaaaaa" and follows
right along.   Another twist and the flock just chews it's cud and dumbly
follows along.

An interesting thing happens when one of us black sheep actually reads
the scriptures, does a little home work and ask some pointed questions. 
Soon you find yourself kicked out of the flock and roaming the
countryside all alone (if your lucky you might have a spouse to wonder
with you).

The group I am working with in Knoxville do not read the Bible on orders
from their "shepherd."   It seems that reading the Bible without his
guidance is how Satan confuses the members of his little congregation.  
When I try to open dialog, it is met with the bleating of panicked sheep
as they run back to their wolf.   It is very sad.


On Sun, 8 Aug 2004 12:27:38 -0700 "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at>

> I do believe this is one of the signs of the times.  The wolves have 
> multiplied, both in number, and in subtlty.  Yeshua told us we would 
> be sent out as sheep among wolves, and wolves in sheeps clothing 
> would be among us.  This contrasts with the humanistic idea that all 
> problems can be solved by loving communication, that if we treat a 
> wolf with love, honesty, integrity, openness, humility - we can 
> expect the same.

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