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Kieth told me recently of a picture he saw on a friends wall.  It is a wolf
disguised as a sheep, in the middle of a herd of sheep.  The caption reads
"If it snarls, it's not a sheep".  I think that sums it up for me.  What
part do you think we should play in exposing the wolf for what they really

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I believe it is our obligation to protect the sheep from the hirelings and
false shepherds.  I view this in much the same manner as my obligation to
protect my children from harm in any way possible.

I have my own discussion board and have helped on several.  Please listen to
the voice of experience here:  Many Christian forums allow wolves and false
shepherds a forum in an attempt to be fair and relational.  Many sincere
people do not realize that in doing so, they are casting pearls before
swine.  Cult leaders and brainwashed members have no desire for honest
communication.  They desire to recruit, retain and harass, threaten, impugn
motives, and attack any who would expose their teeth.  If they have the
financial means to do so, they use the legal system to silence their
critics.  One major tactic is accusing those who shine the light on them of
slander, bitterness, etc.  Another is to misuse scripture and claim any
discussion of their practices and teachings should be private.  If a person
teaches publically, prophecies publically and rules an organization that
affects people, then they are subject to public scrutiny.

I do believe this is one of the signs of the times.  The wolves have
multiplied, both in number, and in subtlty.  Yeshua told us we would be sent
out as sheep among wolves, and wolves in sheeps clothing would be among us.
This contrasts with the humanistic idea that all problems can be solved by
loving communication, that if we treat a wolf with love, honesty, integrity,
openness, humility - we can expect the same.

How do you know a wolf in sheep's clothing?  Look for teethmarks.  I know
there are many here that are still healing in flesh and spirit from the
wolves that have torn them body and spirit.  Let's rescue the abused,
deceived sheep, and protect as many as we can from being seduced away from
the true shepherd.

I am not going to engage in a debate with this person.


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