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Rick Johnson rebelfire at
Mon Aug 9 03:00:05 EDT 2004


This is not the only group I have met which practices this type of
The "Bride of Christ" church in Las Vegas in the late 70s and early 80s
also required this.


On Sun, 8 Aug 2004 20:53:35 -0500 DanG <dan.dgordon at> writes:
> Rick Johnson wrote:
> > The group I am working with in Knoxville do not read the Bible on 
> orders
> > from their "shepherd."   It seems that reading the Bible without 
> his
> > guidance is how Satan confuses the members of his little 
> congregation.
> > When I try to open dialog, it is met with the bleating of panicked 
> sheep
> > as they run back to their wolf.   It is very sad.
> > 
> > RJ
> WOW!!! - that is really sad.
> More caustic comments could be said, but overall, that is really 
> sad,
> really, really sad.  Dumb may be a word to use as you did in your
> opening paragraph, but perhaps a better word would be a word that
> would indicate that they are not part of the flock.
> DanG ChicagoArea
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