House Church Talk - spiritual abuse

Phillip Cohen spiritfilledhome at
Mon Aug 9 10:01:04 EDT 2004

Jim Sutton wrote:

> But I still do not believe that attacking Joseph Smith (which is 
> easy) or 
> Derek Prince, or a body of weird and stupid teaching is the answer.

I agree. Normally, it's not fruitful to attack someone's doctrine. It's
possible they're in that warp because they're honestly seeking for
something. Only the true gospel really works. In their deepest heart,
they know that what they're doing doesn't work, but fear or religious
oppression prevents them from admitting it.

I find it so much better to present Jesus. Or rather, become Jesus to
them. Don't discuss religion with them, but meet them where their heart
is in everyday life. Their pain. Their struggles. Their wounded
relationships. Then show them the Biblical solutions that work for you.

By the way, if your gospel doesn't work for you in everyday life--in your
family and workplace--please don't try to teach it to someone else.
You'll only add more confusion. First, go find the gospel that works in
your own life.

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