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Mon Aug 9 15:27:11 EDT 2004

I think it interesting that they tried to copy the methods and authority
that worked for someone else, and failed miserably. We have people in homes
and denominational institutions doing the same thing and struggling with
their results, too.  It all comes down to abiding in the vine... having
spiritual authority by being connected intimately with the Source of all
authority... Having Life by being connected to the Giver of Life.

They (Sceva's boys) got the name right, but in the end they were using the
name in a mystical, formulaic fashion that neither God nor demon would honor
with a response. Too bad we humans jump at these formulae all to often, and
then wonder 'where is God?'  I read a book called 'The Jesus Cult' that
argued that most all of the modern church system is really a cult - a Jesus
cult that says one thing, but accomplishes another. While I probably
wouldn't recommend this book - or the author's ideas in general - I think
the thesis was essentially correct. So much human control and so many human
ideas piled on top of the simplicity and freedom that Christ came to bring
just adds up to one huge cult. One that doesn't even know it is a cult. It
becomes an exercise in the formulaic mysticism that got the Sceva kids in
trouble. And all in the name of Christ. ouch.

"Lord protect me from a christ of my own making, fill me instead with Truth.

Scott Dowlen

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> Phillip Cohen wrote:
> > By the way, if your gospel doesn't work for you in everyday
> > life--in your family and workplace--please don't try to
> > teach it to someone else.
> > You'll only add more confusion. First, go find the gospel
> > that works in your own life.
> Well, I don't know, Phil.  Some folks get some pretty
> interesting results from
> a gospel that they've never tried.  If I recall correctly,
> the seven sons of
> Sceva in Acts 19 got a most amazing response when proclaiming
> "the Jesus that
> Paul preaches."
> Of course, they may have been expecting something less disturbing.
> Jim

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