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Phillip Cohen spiritfilledhome at
Tue Aug 10 11:27:47 EDT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:16:29 -0500 DanG <dan.dgordon at> writes:

> I dunno - the drivers today were ferocious - just blew me away.  My
> tongue was on fire - well, to me in the car it was, anyway.
> So, I'll give up for today, and try again tomorrow... NOT!!!
> But, ya know, it is heard.
> DanG ChicagoArea

So, if you blow it in the morning, you can blow it the rest of the day? 

Naw, don't give up for today. Let Jesus pay for what you did and try
again today!

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In quietness and confidence is my strength. Isaiah 30:15

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