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Tue Aug 10 12:26:05 EDT 2004

Hi Guys,

Claire wrote:
It is difficult for a wolf to keep his teeth always hidden.  He is salivating over all those yummy sheep.  He is unable to hide his rage and fear of those who caught a glimpse of his teeth.  He will find a way to lure some out of the sheepfold, or discover a weak link to burrow in.  It is correct that it is useless to argue doctrine with the sheep he has seized, because they are so deceived they believe the sheep in the good shepherd's pen are the ones who are lost, and they meekly follow their wolf to their doom.  And what about the few sheep who have escaped the wolf and found their way back to the gate of the good shepherd?  What about the clear evidence of injury, the missing chunks of flesh and wounds?  According to the wolves, they have injured themselves in leaving the protection of the wolf.  And they are liars, slanderers,  exaggerating, bitter and they should have spoken privately to the wolf.  The wolf should be let in to present his side of the story, right?  Some  believe they can reason with the wolf or love the wolf into sheepdom.  Maybe he isn't really a wolf.  Perhaps he is just a sheep that needs a bit of dental work.

Hummm, we certainly need to beware of wolves. But I'd like to ask about some of these folk; how do they perceive themselves? I'm fairly sure that the vast majority of them would perceive themselves as servant leaders, whom the Lord has gifted to serve the church. They work hard to serve their visions, and thus feel offended when some folk lift a mirror to allow them to see what others see. I have been very taken recently with the point in 1 Samuel Chapter 8. The people want a king (pastor, apostle or whatever). This is a call of the flesh, always seeking others to take responsability (Gen 3:12). As in Samuels day prophetic voices are warning against the power of kings. But................ perhaps if your a fluffy white sheep, those pointy ears and sleek brown lines are attractive. Hey, prophetic voices, let's keep holding up mirrors, to let folk see who they really are, in Christ or trying to hide under a sheepskin.

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