House Church Talk - For Wounded Sheep, A Answer to Why

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A friend of mine has written a pretty good book dealing with this subject.
The title is When Bad Christians Happen to Good People, by Dave Burchett.
It is available in some book stores and might be found on line.  Dave deals
with folks who have been harmed by Christians and those who have inflicted
the wounds in a wonderful manner that makes it good reading and very thought
provoking.  He deals with being betrayed by a Christian friend, being hurt
by someone in the ministry, being disillusioned with the church, being
embarrassed by the actions of a believer, and wondering why God puts up with
some of His people.  It is put out by WaterBrook Press and might be
something some would gain by reading.

Mike S

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Subject: House Church Talk -  For Wounded Sheep, A Answer to Why

I've seen firsthand the ripped and bleeding sheep, barely surviving attacks
by wolves, both within and without the sheep pen.  It makes me angry just
learning about the evil perpetrated upon them, and upon the watchmen and
rescuers who attempt to warn and rescue.

As we enter a time of greater deception than we have ever known before, you,
the wounded rescued may be among the few that have their eyes open and are
alert to the danger soon to come.

A couple of things to keep in mind:  Sorry if you've heard this before.

A wolf is a wolf is a wolf.  A wolf is not a sheep in need of dental work.
If you've tried putting your hands in his mouth, you know this.  Many wolves
have been taking advantage of the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery.

How do you know a wolf?  Look for teeth marks.



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