House Church Talk - Battle Strategy/HC analogy

DanG dan.dgordon at
Wed Aug 11 12:46:23 EDT 2004

Claire Bennett wrote:
> I was listening to a Steven Ambrose history tape, and he told the most interesting story that parallels the hc experience.  He told how Hitler believed that German soldiers raised in Hitler youth would always outfight US soldiers raised in boy scouts.  Boy Scouts taught strategy, survival and rising to the occasion.  The German, Japanese and Soviet soldiers were as well equipped and conditioned as the US soldiers.  But, if their commanding officer was killed, they were paralyzed, waiting for orders.  Among the US soldiers, someone would rise to the need, even if he were a private.

I don't know where this fits into this, but...
Last evening on the way home I stopped into a new hindu temple that
just opened.  The architecture is kinda interesting, the worship
service was much like any typical meeting we know with
singing/chanting/money collection.  Then the shrines - that's
different.  I dunno, I walked away thinking its all about money. 
Religion is big business, really.  Not meaning to be caustic, just
realistic.  Look at any religious enterprise and you have lotsa money
flow, lots!  Whereas, the Son of Man did not have place to put down
his head.  He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  Also, reality
check hit as I pondered the temple.  All this is hopeful thinking -
not really reality.  Whereas, the church is founded on a very out of
the ordinary religious thing that is absolutely real - resurrection
from dead.  Nobody else has that mixed into religion.  Some
acknowledge that, plus...  The church seeks to know that more fully
every moment of every day - in preparation of that reality happening
and our taking into His presence based on His finished work proven by
overthrowing the sting of death.  OH YEAH!!!
DanG ChicagoArea

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