House Church Talk - Battle Strategy/HC analogy

Rick Johnson rebelfire at
Wed Aug 11 20:57:57 EDT 2004

It is very interesting that I just returned from 3 weeks of military duty
in Alabama.  I was attending a school at the Air University (used to be
called the Staff War College).   

While there, I had the opportunity to listen to several lectures by a
former Russian officer.  He spoke of these differences in our command
structure. and said it was readily recognized in the Russia military
officer core.   However, the Russian political machine could not admit to
this because it would undermine their entire military structure.  You see
you cant have freedom of thought and command in a communist military
system.  Eventually, someone will revolt.

In our military structure, we try to push the decision making process,
the authority and the responsibility down to the lowest level.


On Wed, 11 Aug 2004 09:19:18 -0700 "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at>
> I was listening to a Steven Ambrose history tape, and he told the 
> most interesting story that parallels the hc experience.  He told 
> how Hitler believed that German soldiers raised in Hitler youth 
> would always outfight US soldiers raised in boy scouts.  Boy Scouts 
> taught strategy, survival and rising to the occasion.  The German, 
> Japanese and Soviet soldiers were as well equipped and conditioned 
> as the US soldiers.  But, if their commanding officer was killed, 
> they were paralyzed, waiting for orders.  Among the US soldiers, 
> someone would rise to the need, even if he were a private.
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