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Thu Aug 12 10:03:19 EDT 2004

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Dan, you probably know that the service, pulpit, podium, sermon, offering,
etc., are all pagan.  So, no wonder you felt at home :)  Can you imagine
Jesus taking an offering?  Notice who managed the ministry finances.

I enjoy all the sheep stories.

Two quick thoughts to share:

1.  <<Can you imagine Jesus taking an offering?  Notice who managed the
ministry finances.>>

One local brother mused - Contrary to what so many TV moneyraisers assure
us..  When handed some funds, Jesus turns and hands it to the devil, saying
in effect, "here, you seem most interested in this - take it!"... Ha!

Point being, Jesus was so concerned about funding, He turns and hands it to
the devil... O;>)

Nothing new under the Son...

2.  <<I enjoy all the sheep stories.>>

While watching one of the older hollywood offerings, there was this middle
eastern scene, that would be filmed amidst a "street market" - termed the
bazaar...  You know the "typical" w/ carpet merchants, veggies stands, brass
hammered goods, trinkets, at least one blind beggar..  Think you can imagine
the film-makers attempt of setting the scene...  A place of hustle and
bustle, middle eastern equivalent to the "malls of today"...

For authenticity, he placed the shepherd to walk through the midst of the
hustle and bustle, leading his sheep, entering stage left, exiting stage
right...  moving them to fresh pastures no doubt...  Barely a blip on the
screen, incidental to the script, yet it captured my attention..  and I
supposed how different that scene, had they been goats.. ha!   With the
"barkers, hawking their wares", can you imagine the chaos?  All of the
enticements for the curious, little wonder scene would have been different,
in that the shepherd would have been "driving them" away from the hustling
bustling glistening sparkling enticements.. no?

Just as in that street bazaar, drive down the road in any city...  many
voices saying "eat here", gas here", "stay the night here", "camp here", all
of those visuals that let the traveler know what is made available...  It's
called commerce, barking out availability... hoping for your attention...

Religious Commerce is no different...

JimP - kentucky

John 15 - The Lord is my Shepherd - I shall NOT stray... O;>)  verse 6 KJV:
men stand at ready to gather you...

Part of the harvest if you can but see it.. Selah!

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