House Church Talk - Anyone ever been to one of these?

DanG dan.dgordon at
Thu Aug 12 10:37:19 EDT 2004

Glenn Frank wrote:
> Has anyone ever used this website to meet up with other people interested in
> house church?
> And btw... Any lurkers out there on the list in the Orange County California
> area?
> Glenn F

Here I am in one of the largest metro areas of the country - Chicago -
and there are no meetups about homechurch.  There must be a critical
core number in an area for the meetup to happen - i.e. two persons
does not constitute a meetup, it must be like 12 or so.  The other
story about Chicago is that Chicago is a staid and dull place when
church is involved.  If Moody is doing it, its okay.  If not? - its
not even considered nor is it discussed.  This covers 7 million people
in the metro/suburban area.  Really.  We moved here 15 years ago from
Colorado and really noticed the stuck-in-the-mud way of people in this
area - no interest in real christan ways or discussion.  What anyone
is doing now is enough, it is fine, don't rock any boats.

So no meetups here in this huge area, with the caveat that this is a
dead area as far as christianity is concerned.  I don't think the
meetup thing works for house church since there are so few accross the
country interested and participating at meetup.  I did not do the paid
service either, so maybe with the paid service there may be more
contact made? - I dunno.
DanG ChicagoArea

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