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DanG dan.dgordon at
Thu Aug 12 11:17:14 EDT 2004

adamkwyhmed wrote:
> re: Religion or Relationship?
> The question for the church today is not one of religion, but rather one of
> relationship.  The church may have a religion, but does it have the
> relationship?  A warning is given in the book of revelation of having lost  their first
> love.  Is it appropriate for today?  Some will consider it  foolishness, but
> for those who read it and consider its pointed message as  pertaining to them,
> they are indeed one step closer in relations to  their Lord.  For in
> considering it, their eyes are open.  In  acting upon it, they walk one step closer to
> Yeshuah.  And the Bible  stresses that as the believer draws nearer to G-d,
> He will draw nearer to  them.
> Sincerely,
> A Fellow Bond-Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Persecuted  Church,
> Adam Waggoner

Ya know, I know what you mean in the word "relationship" but I kinda
bristle using that word.  It is not an approved word for use here in
Chicago ;-)  The parsing of detail has been done before and we arrive
again at using the word "relationship" again, but I still bristle - if
ya know what I mean.  I understand the word, but it extra biblical as
a word, although I suppose the concept is biblical.

So, as I read your comment, Adam, I saw the word love.  Lost their
first love.  We have had that discussion here recently this week from
JimS and others - great.  Perhaps love is a word over used and without
much meaning today and may not fit in place of "relationship," but at
least it is biblical.

As always, the church has been persecuted - I see your sig line. 
Religion is not persecuted since the kulture at large finds it a
controlling force for good in the kulture - read Stalin/Hegel.  It is
true.  But, the church relates outside of religion, per se, so it
remains persecuted.  The church lives inside of reality - a risen man
- Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.  Ain't nuthin' gonna defy history
and reality - I like that.  So I mention persecuted church based on
your sig line - because to stick with truth is sometimes persecuted,
and we need to stick with truth outside of convenient words like
"relationship."  Mind you - I am only noting these things, not
suggesting a change, just that we might want to be aware.

DanG ChicagoArea

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