House Church Talk - Cults: Works of the Devil and Works of the Flesh

David Anderson david at
Thu Aug 12 13:17:42 EDT 2004

>My experiences in being in the inner circle of a ministry and discussions 
>with others reveals that so-called servants are merely self-serving.  The 
>only unforgivable sin is to reveal the sins of the leadership to the rank 
>and file sheep.
>So, I see the only hope is truely participative relational faith.  That is 
>our only protection against being again subject to a yoke of bondage.  

Consider this information, y'all:

New Zealand pastor Alan Jamieson, author of the book "A Churchless 
Faith", has been studying this phenomenon for years. To his surprise, it 
is not the 'normal churchgoers' who are leaving the church for reasons of 
faith: 94% of the Christians he has interviewed who are currently without 
a church were in positions of leadership or responsibility, such as 
Deacons, Elders, Sunday School teachers - and 40% of them were once in 
full-time ministry.

   in the embrace of his grace,

       David Anderson

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