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Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Thu Aug 12 10:46:50 EDT 2004

On 8/12/04 7:37 AM, "DanG" <dan.dgordon at> wrote:
> Here I am in one of the largest metro areas of the country - Chicago -
> and there are no meetups about homechurch.

Yeah... Well here in the heart of "seeker sensitive" Christianity --
Southern California -- there are only two people registered who are looking
to meet up with other believers looking for a house church type of

> The other
> story about Chicago is that Chicago is a staid and dull place when
> church is involved...

> So no meetups here in this huge area, with the caveat that this is a
> dead area as far as christianity is concerned.

Here, "church" is basically a social club... A comfy place of therapy, fun
events and programs for every age and "life stage".

There is a scattering of sincere and authentic people who are seeking a
deeper and more authentic walk with the Lord, but many are trapped in the
maze of the organized church that directs them down a mechanical path that
might only sporadically bring satisfaction for this hunger. Seems like even
those who are really hungry and excited about the Lord are still hobbled in
some sense by the structural restrictions and "go to church" mentality that
is the hallmark of the IC here in Southern California. While the "clergy"
here tries to be down to earth and "just another believer" in the midst of
the body, most church-goers see their "leaders" as priests and themselves as
needy people who need the wisdom of the theological giants in the pulpits.
They practically worship and venerate the "man in charge".

All that to say, I guess it does not matter where you are, or what flavor of
churchiosity or lack thereof there is in a city's culture.

The church has been trained to act in a certain way and many are starving
and not even knowing they are ... Or where to find real food, they assume
that there really is nothing more than the organized religion of church
organizations. So they stop looking.

We should not stop seeking the Lord or His truth.


Glenn F.

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