House Church Talk - Interesting talk I am reading at a car list...

DanG dan.dgordon at
Thu Aug 12 14:16:00 EDT 2004

Here I am reading a car list.
Well, it is more than a car list - we talk about lotsa stuff, but I
think we all have a car of a certain marque.  Old, but the same
So here's a guy that is quite experienced in stuff and fun to read. 
Well, I put up the first few lines in response to someone talking
about religion being just a bunch of hokey that has been propagated
over the millenia, etc.  I pointed to the BC/AD break in time dating
and said give me that Man.  I wanna follow that man because it is an
issue of history that he was born of a virgin, was crucified, was
dead, was resurrected by Himself, and ascended into heaven.  Reality. 
The ressurection is reality - it really happened and anyone that denys
that history, denys any history including Egypt, Rome, Athens, WWII,

So here is the response from one of my fellow list readers.  Very
interesting what this guy posts from time to time.  I think the mis
spelling is his little quirk to mark himself.  otoh, he has a distinct
paranoia from time to time.  Interesting fellow.  I thought you all
would like to see what some others think on things of the Bible.
DanG ChicagoArea
If you deny any history, deny it all.
I still say reality is reality.

Out of all the bible stuff the one that stands out to me is Isiah's
prophesy of Cyrus.

Isiah was like a Bruckhimer Film of his time. The biblical book of
Isiah is s common before common era archeology find. Contemporaneously
translated into several languages thousands of copy's made and
distributed over several nations. This makes it the bench mark for
translation scholars.

400 years before the destruction of Babylon Cyrus was prophesied by
name. And the method he used to bring down the big guys. Some say it
was a no brainer for Cyrus all he had to do was follow the play-book.
I am still amazed at the playbook. Isiah wrote it before Babylon's
rise to power. You can argue that fact follows fiction like Star Trek
communicators and cell phones.

I don't care if it was only the fall of the most powerful nation at
that time. The 400 year aspect gets a Wow from me.

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