House Church Talk - Cults and other Illusions

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Fri Aug 13 00:25:09 EDT 2004

Dear DanG ChicagoArea:
Thank You for your honest response.  Part of the burden that I  bare are the p
ersecuted Churches around the world.  Here are just a  few: You have the 
Chinese Churches where preachers have been and are being  imprisoned for their 
faith.  You have a pastor in Sweden who spoke against  a certain lifestyle choice 
and was imprisoned for it.  Here in America if a  "hate speach" measure which 
passed the Senate becomes law, it would impose  restrictions of speach upon 
christians to the extent that the "mere quoting of a  bible passage" could 
cause both legal problems for an assembly as well as the  possibility of the 
assembly being closed.  To freely live, without the  imposition of a governing body 
is what should be encouraged, not  discouraged, here in America, for all 
Americans, (even religious  Americans).
A Fellow Bond-Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Persecuted  Church,
Adam Waggoner

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