House Church Talk - Leonardo Da Vinci's last words

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Thu Aug 19 11:18:54 EDT 2004

Leonardo da Vincis supposed last words:

> I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality
> it should have.

Old Leo did not understand...
Our lack of quality works do not offend God...

As stated prior by Adam Waggoner, the Bible says our "good" works are filthy
rags before God.... All of them... No matter the quality...

Not to say that God does not want us to do good works, They just don't get
us to heaven and therefore are as good as rags to be tossed in the trash in
that regard.

The only thing that matters is our standing in His Son.

And BTW Vincent... Regarding your comment about Adam's graphic description
of the rags....

Adam's graphic description of the "filthy rags" is the actual meaning of the
phrase. The words used DO ACTUALLY mean woman's menstrual cloths...

(Most translations of the verse just make it less offensive to our ears by
translating it simply as "filthy rags".)

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