House Church Talk - election day

Tim Poole pooletim at
Fri Aug 20 23:33:53 EDT 2004

Subject: election day

To all potential voters

To all potential voters: I am a concerned senior citizen. When President
Clinton was in office, I had a nice house, a good job with many benefits,
health insurance and even 2 vacation homes. In short, things were good.

Since President Bush has been in office, I have lost my job and my health
insurance. I have also lost 2 sons in Iraq.
To add insult to injury I am now homeless and have lost everything I once
had.  I and we must be willing to do whatever John Kerry asks us to do.

We must remove President Bush and get a Democrat back in the White House.
Please consider my compelling personal story and vote John Kerry come
election day.


Saddam Hussein

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