House Church Talk - Leonardo Da Vinci's last words

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Sat Aug 21 11:35:25 EDT 2004

On 8/21/04 7:22 AM, "jim sutton" <goodword at> wrote:
> There is certainly a lot of truth in your words and observations, Bro. Glenn.
> I embrace the same general position, regarding human works and human
> righteousness.
> Yet I do wonder, at times, if we modern churches don't make too much of how
> ruined we're supposed to be -- especially as believers.

I agree Jim... But I think we have to embrace both the fact that our works
are unable to save us... And that once Jesus saves us he calls us SAINTS not
SINNERS. We will still sin, but now our sin is paid for. On the other hand,
this is not a license for sin or lack of serving Him... These things are
fruit and evidence of our salvation (status as Saints) not the thing that
made us a saint.


That is the shortest way I can describe it.

Glenn F.

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