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Mon Aug 23 23:18:33 EDT 2004

Glenn Frank <glennfrank at> wrote:

> I agree Jim... But I think we have to embrace both the fact that our works
> are unable to save us... And that once Jesus saves us he calls us SAINTS 
> SINNERS. We will still sin, but now our sin is paid for. On the other hand,
> this is not a license for sin or lack of serving Him... These things are
> fruit and evidence of our salvation (status as Saints) not the thing that
> made us a saint.

If we are wearing Christ's righteousness as our robe then let's make sure the 
front is zipped and buttoned so our own imperfect human nature is not exposed 
everytime we take a step. 

While we may err from right and cast reproach upon our Savior, yet we are not 
discarded. But to accept sin as a normal experience is to not understand what 
sin is. Sin is against Christ. When we sin we demonstrate that in that area 
of our life we are unlike Christ. Everything imperfect about us is an area 
where Christ is not yet in control. Jesus is perfect and when He controls our 
lives then they too will reflect His glory rather than give off a dim light of our 

Every sin we cherish becomes an avenue through which Satan can attack us. 
That is one reason why Paul wrote "let us lay aside every weight, and the sin 
which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience [endurance] the race 
that is set before us." He understood that sin is dangerous. It wounds our 
conscience and separates us from God.

Satan tempts us to sin and then accuses us as sinners. Then he tells us that 
we cannot now possibly go to God and ask forgiveness. After all, did you not 
just commit that sin. But this is exactly the time we need to pray!

Hope this helps add something to the earlier comments.

Jeff Logan

The same power that upholds nature, is working also in man. The 
same great laws that guide alike the star and the atom control 
human life. The laws that govern the heart's action, regulating 
the flow of the current of life to the body, are the laws of the 
mighty Intelligence that has the jurisdiction of the soul. From 
Him all life proceeds.

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