House Church Talk - some days...

jim sutton goodword at
Thu Aug 26 10:16:15 EDT 2004


Some Days...

There are days when I hardly notice that the clouds in the sky are moving. 
 There are times when I fail to see a single strand of spider silk stretched 
across the path in a wooded place.

With my shoes on, I don't feel the dew on early morning grass.  And when I'm 
busy thinking about working, buying, keeping things, and doing things, I don't 
even look at the green leaves of the trees or the many-colored flowers.  I'll 
fail to listen to the songs of birds nearby -- the first music of earth.

Not long ago, I was forced to wait outside a few minutes, behind a building 
where I've been working.  So I stood there and looked around.  I felt the 
morning sun on my back, and then on my face.  I looked up and noticed that the 
clouds were moving, and slowly changing shapes as they made their way across 
the sky.

Then I glanced at the ground.  Nothing much to see there.  I saw the fading 
asphalt, small rocks, dirt.  The uneven paving.

Then I noticed something.  Something real.

There, in a crack where the paving is failing, I saw a tiny spot of green -- a 
living thing pushing its way up through the asphalt.  Green life was forcing 
its way up and through what man had put there to keep the green away.

Man had made his own plans.  He had his ideas of what should be and what 
should not be.  But life, and the purpose of God in that life, was pushing 

I looked at the tiny sprouting of green and was reminded of how silly people 
are.  We so easily busy ourselves with the things of our own making, and we 
too often neglect the wonders of God.

We may even miss the signs of the times, like the people did in Noah's day. 
 They were so busy with their regular plans and hopes and dreams.  Business as 
usual.  They were not watching or listening, not expecting anything from God. 
 We tend, in our modern society, to be too much like them.

Have you noticed anything lately?

The clouds are moving.  And someday soon, the Lord Jesus is going to break 
right through them, shattering the darkness with all the glory of God.

And every eye will see Him.


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