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Whether or not this story is an urban legend, I cannot say. I do have a book
in my possession filled with first hand testimonies of pursecuted Christians
in China, and know American brothers who have visited the house churches of
China. One brother told me of how he was hidden in a house while police
officers searched for him, as a suspected supporter of underground

Also, I personally know a Chinese couple who was in contact with the
churches connected with Watchman Nee before they came to the US. The man
served time in prison there. I have heard absolutely no stories of an
authoritarian Watchman Nee from them, or from any other sources.

Perhaps someone who has closer contact with the Local Church movement could
come forward and clarify this, but my understanding is that Witness Lee
actually departed in some measure from his mentor Watchman Nee in his
authoritarian approach with the Local Churches here in the US.

In "Speaking the Truth in Love," John Ingalls describes some of the problems
that he witnessed in the late 80's when he was a part of that. What I
appreciated in the book was his total lack of bitterness and desire for the
upbuilding of the saints in these churches.

Another thing I would mention is my contact with the movement in my city.
Never have I sensed from them a desire to control other house churches in
our area from any of the brothers there. Two other brothers and I had a
refreshing meeting with them last year. They honestly admitted to the
mistakes of the past and were looking to the Lord for direction in the
concepts of home fellowship.

Also, from other contacts I have learned of progress in the area of unity
between those who have left the LC and those who remain. These positive
aspects seem to be much less known that the others.

Dan Beaty

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Interesting story Ken, but sounds like an urban legend.  No names, dates,
contact info, locations.  Anyway, I don't know of any large community where
this sort of behavior would take place, and Watchman Nee was very much into
authority.  That the Local Church cult was spawned through his teachings in
part, demonstrates this.


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