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Thanks for the additional comments.
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> Nee was a servant of the Lord who truly knew something of the experience
> of the cross.  He not only taught it, but he lived it.  Based on his
> testimony and his willingness to suffer ill treatment and
> misunderstanding, I don't think he could ever endorse the Local
> Churches' practice of suing other Christian groups for hundreds of
> millions of dollars.
I appreciate that you too are unwilling to apply the reputation and
attitudes of Witness Lee to Watchman Nee based on their association, as some
others have mistakenly done. Brother Nee of course was not perfect, but his
zeal and for the Lord and His church has often inspired me personally.

More and more I am seeing that many who see authoritarianism every where
they look are in fact fearful of any authority. The misuse of authority does
not change the fact that God does establish His representative authority in
the family, the church and in society.

This fear of authority has even driven some towards either rejection or
neglect of the Scriptures. They claim God as their King, but have great
difficulty with His Written commands.

For me, submission to His Written authority was the very beginning of life,
growth, wisdom and liberty!

Dan Beaty

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