House Church Talk - inclination toward ceremonial

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Tue Aug 31 13:30:40 EDT 2004

Hi Glenn S,

I actually think it fascinating on the Eldership Discussion List that as you
and I have been discussing this... not a lot of the other typical posters on
that list have jumped in with us. I think everyone is just listening to our
conversation about traditions and "services" and the like.

Maybe we are the odd ducks on that list!

It seems that many of the others there seem to be investigating a biblical
pattern of leadership in the church, but are doing it in the confining
context of the Institutional structure. That us were I was at until just


Glenn F.

On 8/31/04 11:38 AM, "jesusislord343 at" <jesusislord343 at>

> ...Your question here parallels a discussion the
> other Glenn and I have been
> enjoying on another forum, which addresses issues related to co-equal
> "eldership" oversight.

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