House Church Talk - revelation vs. self-willed prayer

Glenn Frank glennfrank at
Tue Aug 31 22:08:38 EDT 2004

Double Yikes!

On 8/31/04 9:03 PM, "jesusislord343 at" <jesusislord343 at>

>> What about when someone says, "Through away your Bibles, and read my
> books!"?
>> ...That was a wake up call for me that I was hanging out with the wrong
> crowd.
> Dan,
> Your story reminds me of a memorable dream my wife Ruth had one night
> several years ago.  In her dream, as I recall it, she was walking around
> in a church building, carrying a Bible, and a few young girls were
> gathered together visiting, who saw her and said rather scornfully, "Oh,
> we don't use THAT---we pray..."
> Grace to you,
> Glenn S.
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