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Thu Feb 5 11:31:53 EST 2004

> Brother, the ministry of unifying Jews and Gentiles together in one body was
> not postponed until the final year or two of Paul's life  AFTER ACTS 28 IN
> A.D. 67!
> In A.D. 37 the Lord Jesus commissioned His disciples to go "into all
> nations" Matt.28:18-20, and to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and unto the
> uttermost parts of the earth Acts 1:8.
> -In A.D. 38 Philip went to Samaria  and to the Ethiopian eunuch.Acts 8.
> -In A.D. 39 Saul is "arrested" as a chosen vessel to go to the Gentiles Acts
> 9.
> -In A.D.45 Peter goes to a household of Gentiles Acts 10. After Peter was
> "called on the carpet" in Jerusalem for this action and declared what God
> had done, those who were "of the circumcision"  held their peace and
> glorified God, saying, "Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted
> repentance unto life." Acts 11
> -In A.D. 55 Peter declares that there is no difference between Jews and
> Gentiles but they are saved on identical terms. Acts 15.
> -In A.D. 56 Paul publicly reproved Peter for withdrawing from Gentile
> believers out of fear of them "of the circumcision". Galatians 2  In the
> same letter Paul declares: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither
> bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: FOR YE ARE ALL ONE IN
> -In A.D.63 Paul wrote the first epistle to the Corinthians in which he
> teaches that there is ONE BODY and that by one spirit we are all baptized
> into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles...! I Cor 12.
> -In the same epistle (10:32) Paul describes 3 classes of people: the Jews,
> the Gentiles and the church of God. (Obviously no national distinctions
> separated believers in the church!)
> So the very facts of scripture prove that the "adminstrative change in Acts
> 28" is purely a figment of the dispensationalists' imagination!  Paul did
> not wait until the last year or two of his life to teach the truth that Jews
> and Gentiles were united in one body! This was a well known teaching
> embraced by all the apostles long before A.D.67!!!  Nor did water baptism go
> "out" when the truth of the union of Jews and Gentiles in one body "came
> in"!!
> Brother, I was raised and trained in dispensationalism myself, but have had
> to personally repudiate the dispensational doctrines which I had embraced
> which were not stated in the very words of scripture.
> I hope you too will be willing to take scripture at face value and to
> repudiate any doctrine (dispensational or otherwise) which is not stated in
> the very words of scripture.
> Your brother in Christ,
> Bruce

And in AD70? what happened.  All of Judaism died in destruction of all things Jerusalem.
Does that sound similar to prophecy of end time?  Did Jesus return at that time - fulfilling
Jesus' word "soon" and "this generation"
I know I am drawing this extended thread into another arena, but I am interested in comments -
or have I heard Bruce comments to me on this already?  Perhaps I have a month or so ago - I
Dan ChicagoArea

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