House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations again

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Fri Feb 6 21:58:11 EST 2004

Hi Scott,

You wrote:
>... except that one of the false teachings that troubled the very early
>church was that Jesus had come (or at least that the resurrection had
>already occurred) and that everyone alive at that time had missed it.  But
>the Revelation shows that it will be impossible to miss it.  IMO, 
>should not ever stretch longer than the approximate average lifespan of one
>single human, unless the context makes it very clear that another span of
>time is meant.
>To me the word 'generation' in verse 34 is referring to the people alive
>when the final signs begin to take place (as indicated in verse 33), not
>necessarily the generation that heard the prophecy originally.  Also, the
>word 'soon' (IIRC) also means 'suddenly' -- not that its coming is moments
>away, but once the signs begin, they will progress swiftly or suddenly.
>Did any of that make sense?

It certainly does to me, brother!  I wholeheartedly agree that a generation 
does not exceed a normal life span, and that it is the life span of the 
people who see those final signs happening.

Also, I agree that the quickness of the Lord's coming has to do with it's 
suddenness and quick succession AFTER those signs come to pass.

I'm wondering,  what are others thinking about these things?


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