House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations again

Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Sun Feb 8 01:30:23 EST 2004

Hi Dan,

Personally I find it difficult to assume that Jesus did return in A.D.70 
when I am not aware of any record in hidtory of the cataclysmic events that 
are prophesied to immediately precede His coming. Nor am I aware that the 
Mount of Olives was ever split in two as will happen when He returns. 
Zech.14.  Nor am I aware that all nations have ever been gathered together 
about Jerusalem intent on destroying Israel.  I think if that had ever 
happened, and those nations had been destroyed as scripture prophesies that 
they will be, there'd be records of it!!!

Furthermore, if the Lord Jesus had returned in A.D. 70,  the millenial reign 
of Christ, the resurrection of the wixked and the great white throne 
judgment would all have taken place long ago and we'd likely have been in 
the new heavans and the new earth by now!

Re. your thoughts on the usage of thwe term "this generation", I'll take 
another look and get back to you.

Your brother in Christ,

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