House Church Talk - Re: Was baptisms Now dispensations/ Preterism

David Anderson david at
Tue Feb 10 10:58:08 EST 2004

>Hi David,
>You wrote:
>>Bruce, I have read that Irenaeus is the ONLY source for the late dating
>>of Revelation. Other "sources" just quote him. John, in Rev, speaks of
>>Nero Caesar as still on the throne. He died in June 68. This, according
>>to a commentary by David Chilton. Another book lists several pages of
>>scholarly works preferring the early dates.
>I'm not at all sure of the sources or authority for these dates nor have I 
>seen material that suggests earlier dates. But I'm puzzled about John's 
>supposed speaking of Nero Caesar in the Revelation!  I can't find any such 
>reference to "Nero", "Caesar", "King" etc that could possibly be him in The 
>revelation!  Can you tell me where such a reference is?

    Hi Bruce,

I will gather data asap which points directly, imo, to Nero Ceasar as 
being symbolized with his empire as 666 or the Beast. (Now, I have 
guests. :-)

It is my not belief that the "end of the age" occurred in 70 AD. Jesus is 
adressing 2 questions in Matt 24:3. And as he sat upon the mount of 
Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when 
shall these things be? AND what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of 
the end of the world? 

     David Anderson

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