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I have had several people who are totally unfamiliar with the scriptures
read Mat thew 24, 2 Thes 2 and several chapters in Daniel.   Every one of
then read the scriptures and said they felt the church would go through the

In regards to those who live in current persecuted countries............

I have traveled on the eastern European countries and the middle east, I
have never met a Christian who believed in dispensation theology or the
pretrib rapture.  However, I have met several who have traveled to the west
to attend Seminary (cemetery) and they were forced to amend their beliefs to
pass the classes.

All in all, I believe dispensation theology is a western church belief

Not sure this makes any sense to the rest of you.

Just my nickels worth.


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Hi Rick - Interesting thought...  Would you care to elaborate?

Thanks JimP - kentucky

 Rick wrote:
> If you want an interesting viewpoint on Mat 24 and other such verses  I
> suggest two possibilities.
> A.  Ask a non Christian who is not familiar with dispensation theology to
> read the verses in question.
> or
> B.  Go the a Christian who is being persecuted in a 3rd world country and
> ask their opinion on these issues.
> I have done both and I was amazed at the answers.
> Rick


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