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cathy christensen cchristensen46 at
Sat Feb 14 03:49:38 EST 2004

Hi Jim and everyone,


Jim, thank you. I was so happy with your message.  I believe you are a prophet.  I've been frustrated with  all the talk 'about' scripture.  God reveals things to me about scripture .  And then I have a word or a revelation to share.  That is what you had and I just couldn't stop reading.  In the beginning it was prophets who preached.  And they preached from revelations and words of knowledge.  The assembly of prophets (who were the preachers) gathered together and "the word of the prophets was subject to the prophets was subject to the prophets" as the scripture says.  There were many prophets. And they gathered together and it was then that they were to speak one at a time.


Things have changed!  Churches are dead in many ways but one of those ways is that prophets no longer preach.  They are among the pew sitters and are not subject to other prophets who discern the word of God and know a false from a true prophet.  


When I have a revelation or a word from God ,  it is either a personal word or a word or a revelation or word for the body.  I confess that I have been remiss in sharing these because I didn't know where to share.  


Thank you again for sharing those spirit led,timely words from God's heart.


Cathy @ ,,,cchristensen46 at

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