House Church Talk - HC Seminar in VA (2/13-14) with Jon Lindvall!

David Anderson david at
Sun Feb 15 16:41:40 EST 2004

>Big D & all,
>Picked up the PRC HC DVD yet?! (LLB Oliver, did you get my last message 
>Sorry for the late notice bro...but if you can attend bro Jon L's HC 
>Seminar or meet him while he's in your part of town, go! ( He will "meat" 
>with us in April!)
>I was richly blessed when he was over here. Here's a brother who really 
>cuts the Word straight, lifts up Christ as the heart of church life, and 
>really walks the talk out in his family life and over 10 years HC life 
>with over 10 families!! See his email to you before:

    Hi there big T,

What is the cost of the China house church DVD set? And where do you 
order it from? In one place I noticed there were 4 DVD's in the set. Is 
that right?

Carolynn said I had to find gainful employment. Regrettably, it 
conflicted with the Lindvall event. I praise God for his efforts to 
bolster the Christian family. For those who missed out, there are tapes 
available from similar sessions, I believe.

Thanks to Jim (Big J) in KY for the wonderful lines, today. I was in 
Fredericksburg, VA earlier this week and learned that many of our 
relatives were given land grants in KY after the Revolutionary War. 

    David Anderson

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