House Church Talk - School of prophecy known as Preterism

Dan Beaty dlbeaty at
Thu Feb 19 09:28:10 EST 2004


Thanks for that list of scholars who had/have a differing view from the most
popular one in America today. That of course does not completely settle the
question for me.

But back in the seventies, when I first began to question the dispensational
pre-trib rapture teachings, I almost felt like a heretic. It has become so
well established in Evangelical circles since the 1800's that it was almost
a test of one's orthodoxy.

Full Preterism seems to be a tremendous stretch, for which reason I doubt
that it can ever become mainstream. Personally, I believe there is a
prophetic sense in the believer that instinctively knows much more is to

Anyway, what an encouragement it was to learn that we are in the Kingdom of
God NOW, looking for an increasing manifestation of His Glory in the earth!
The future of course belongs to The King -- Jesus!

Dan Beaty

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