House Church Talk - "The Passion"

David Anderson david at
Sun Feb 22 21:37:34 EST 2004

Thanks, Janet, for your recommendation of "The Passion" on this day of 
sharing. What a joy to see believers using their talents and resources 
for the Lord.

And guess what? Churches in our town are buying up tickets for entire 
theaters that anyone may view the film. Praise his name.

In contrast to Mel Gibson are entertainers like Bob Dylan, who privately 
admitted to writing protest songs just for the money. And to think that I 
used to write my term papers about him...

She (Joan Baez) first came to attention at the age of 18 when she stole 
everyone's heart at the Newport folk festival with her pure soprano voice 
in 1959. Her first album was released the following year, so that when a 
grubby, unknown Woody Guthrie wannabe called Bob Dylan arrived in New 
York's Greenwich Village in 1961, Baez was already an established star. 
She became Dylan's mentor, introducing him as her guest at numerous 
concerts, including his own Newport debut in 1963.

For a brief but magical few months, which to her irritation are still the 
first thing interviewers ask her about to this day, Baez and Dylan were 
the king and queen of the folk movement. There was talk of marriage and 
babies. According to Baez, they even discussed children's names. But by 
1965, with Dylan's fame exploding, they had grown apart emotionally and 
artistically. He embraced rock 'n' roll and told her he had only ever 
written protest songs because there was money in it.,11710,1029819,00.html

I'm still upgrading here, lookin for drivers, and squashing bugs. Hope to 
join back in soon. 

     David Anderson

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