House Church Talk - messages not going through

Dan Beaty dlbeaty at
Thu Feb 26 22:13:50 EST 2004


Boy, and my greatest, most profound post was not here for the enlightenment
of the list? What a loss!

Anyway, I have been considering our HC/IC terminology, and how we sometimes
fail to clarify what we are trying to communicate. It seems to me that "New
Testament Church" better describes what I believe we are desiring. Where our
brothers and sisters who meet in regular church buildings are fullfilling
Christ's will for His Church, I have to say that the New Testament Church is
a reality.

For example, in the New Testament Church, individuals were sharing the
Gospel and people were being born into the Kingdom of God. The same often
happens in many organized churches, however wrong they may be in other

But that does not mean that we will not pursue a more complete expression of
the New Testament Church. If we have heard from the Lord concerning this,
then the best we can do is obey Him. The result should be the manifestation
of the elements we see in His Church in the NT.

Do you think we could make some headway in our conversations with one
another and people in the IC with the concept of "New Testament Church?"

Dan Beaty

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