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Terra, its almost as big of a legend as Madeline Murry Ohare being alive
I am not surprised this is going around again since The Passion opens
tomorrow.  Heres the truth

I check all of these at

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> hI list,
> someone told at our get-together today about a Paul Harvey "rest of the
story" in which Mel Gibson got beat up and robbed, having his face
disfigured badly beyond recognition. so i went to the search engines and
> Subject: Paul Harvey Comments on "The Passion" by Mel Gibson
> The majority of the media are complaining about this movie. Now Paul
Harvey tells "The rest of the story" and David Limbaugh praises Gibson. Most
people would wait and see a movie before giving the reviews that have been
issued by the reporters trying to tell all of us what to believe.
> Paul Harvey's words:
> I really did not know what to expect. I was thrilled to have been invited
to a private viewing of Mel Gibson's film "The Passion," but I had also read
all the cautious articles and spin. I grew up in a Jewish town and owe much
of my own faith journey to the influence. I have a life long, deeply held
aversion to anything that might even indirectly encourage any form of
anti-Semitic thought, language or actions.
> I arrived at the private viewing for "The Passion", held in Washington DC
and greeted some familiar faces. The environment was typically
Washingtonian, with people greeting you with a smile but seeming to look
beyond you, having an agenda beyond the words. The film was very briefly
introduced, without fanfare, and then the room darkened. From the gripping
opening scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, to the very human and tender
portrayal of the earthly ministry of Jesus, through the betrayal, the
arrest, the scourging, the way of the cross, the encounter with the thieves,
the surrender on the Cross, until the final scene in the empty tomb, this
was not simply a movie; it was an encounter, unlike anything I have ever
> [text continues]
> Comments: This text is falsely attributed to radio commentator Paul
Harvey. It was actually written by Keith A. Fournier, founder of the
Catholic Way Website, where it was originally published. The full article
can be found here.
> In most copies of the circulating email, an additional article correctly
attributed to columnist David Limbaugh is appended to the above.
> anyone know about the Gibson robbery, disfiguration account?    terra
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